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Inbound Marketing

01/16/2018 8:30 AM by Admin in Seo

Inbound Marketing

Inbound Marketing = Content + Context

Inbound Marketing is a customer-centric method of creating remarkable content that pulls in or attracts the strangers and then convert them to visitors finally transforming them into customers using tools like email, crm etc. In other words, you can define inbound marketing as writing valuable piece of content based on different buyer personas in order to convert them into brand advocates. 

How it works? 

how inbound marketing works

Best Practices that should be followed

  • Conduct a thorough research and create buyer personas in order to identify and differentiate your target audiences. You can conduct an interview, survey in order to gather useful information about them. Buyer persona is nothing but a customer profile which includes information about your current and future customers. It consists of information related to their job, behavioural patterns, demographics, goals etc. Number of personas is not limited, you can create as many as possbile. There more you create, the better you understand their needs. 
  • Create different pieces of content for each stage of buyer journey. There are 3 different stages of buyer journey. They are awareness phase, consideration phase and decision phase. Identify their problems and offer solutions by looking into thier profiles. 
  • Wrting remarkable, educational and unique content for various personas. 
  • Distribution of your content on social networks, websites, blogs, emails etc. based on which your audience use. 

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