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About Domain Age Checker

Domain Age Checker

Now a day’s Domain Age Checker tool is used by many webmasters and SEO specialists. Most of the peoples think that the older age domain is better for getting good ranking on search engines, on the other hand, many of the peoples don't agree with that concept.

There are some specifications available which show us why domain age matters.

  • Aged domains have many quality backlinks which are useful for performing better on the search engine.
  • If you used an established domain, which has a greater significance in the market it provides a better ranking for your web page.
  • A well-aged domain is useful for getting a fair amount of traffic on your web page.

But there are several flaws of using aged domain some of them are:

  • If black hat SEO technique is used for ranking of the web page then this domain could be at stack in future.
  • Some of the websites are blocked and mark as spam by many users so this could damage your brand.

How to use domain age checker tool?

Today’s number of ways is available for checking domain before purchasing a domain. If you want to check more than one domain you can use bulk domain age checker. You just need to select one of them, open it and then enter the domain name in the text bar and just click on check button. Apart from that, you can use domain expiry date checker for checking the expiry date of the domain and also for checking registration date of the domain you can use domain registration date checker. There is a need for checking age, traffic, the reputation of the domain before purchasing it. 

When you used Domain Age Checker, you will get following results:

  • Domain name creation date
  • Age of domain
  • Date of updated domain
  • Expiry date of domain
  • Domain IP address
  • Name of the servers
  • Name of the registrar.