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About Google Malware Checker

Google Malware Checker

What is Google Malware checker?

Firstly we need to know about malware, what is malware? Malware is small malicious software. This software is very dangerous which secretly comes in user’s computing device and steal information without the knowledge of the user. Adware, spyware, phishing, virus, worms, browser hijackers, rootkits are some of the various types of malware.

When your system is running slower than the usual, this indicates that malware is present in your system. These malware crash your computer system, open pop-up windows etc. For knowing about malware presence in your system you can use malware scanner and remove this malware by using malware removing tools.

Google Malware checker is a useful tool for protecting your websites from malware. This is an easy way for checking whether your website is safe or not. These tools are used for securing website from threats, phishing, and viruses.

These tools are useful for checking malware in websites for which you are looking up to or is your own website. This tool uses special malware detector software for checking viruses at any web page of your website. If there are any viruses and malicious script are present it shows report about these threats.

How to use Google Malware Checker?

There are number of tools that are available for checking malware in your website, you just need to select one of them and then simply write or paste your website URL for which you want to check, and then just click on ‘Check’ button; after clicking on check button it will redirect you on Google's safe browsing diagnostic page. This is a cloud based application which will provide complete last 90 days details of your website and let you know whether your website is safe or not.

This malware list contains details of all affected pages and all possible reasons for detection. From this report, the user can easily understand details of all scanned file.