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Page rank checker

What is Google page rank checker?

Google page rank checker is also known as a PR Checker. This tool is the most important tool in webmaster and SEO professionals’ life. Firstly, you need to know about Page Rank before PR Checker. Google Page rank is a measure for checking the importance of your web page according to Google that range from 0-10. If any page rank is 10/10 this page is very important otherwise if there any page rank is 0/10, comparatively this page is not very important.

Google page rank checker tool is an important tool for any webmasters or for any SEO professional for checking the rank of the web page on Google or for maintaining the health of websites. For checking the significance of your web page on Google you can use PR Checker tools. This is an important tool for checking which web page appears in the search result and what is the rank of the web page is. The result of PR Checker tools has a significant influence on search engines. This will provide rank of your web page on Google.

Remember that when you use PR Checker, Google will take many factors into consideration. The most important thing is the quality of incoming backlinks if the quality is good of your web page this will enhance page rank.

How is Page rank checker used?

You can just search page rank checker on Google, there are a number of tools that are available for checking the rank of the web page, select one of them which has a good ranking on search engine. After that, if you want to check the page rank of your website you need to add URL of each page of your website on Google rank checker. Note that there is a need to add URL of each page not only URL of the index or home page. Google page rank checker will provide a different ranking for each page.