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Link Analyzer

What is Link Analyzer?

Link analyzer is a special type of tool for checking links on your website. The link analyzer tool is a very helpful tool which shows internal, external links as well as do follow and not to follow links which are embedded with your website.

You can easily find dead links from this website link checker and remove them for improving the quality of web page; this will provide great benefit for your website in search engine optimization from which your website gets a good ranking on search engine.

This tool is very useful for making different links for your website from your competitors. If your website is clean, fresh and credible then this can get good ranking on search engine.

Ranking of your website on search engine depends on quality and quantity of incoming links. For this, you need to make a website for optimization then analyze the traffic on your website by link building technique used by your competitors. For providing better and reliable backlinks to your website these links analyzer tools are used.

How to use link analyzer?

There are many online tools that are available for checking links on your website and these tools are useful for webmasters, SEO professionals and website owners for checking links on a website. When spiders are crawling on the same page of your website these tools can identify links to your website on same time.

For identifying a link to your website you just type the website address in the text box and then click on ‘Analyze links’ button. The system will continue your request and you can get the result in few seconds.

The website link analyzer showed following results:

  • The total number of link on your webpage
  • The total number of internal links
  • The total number of external links
  • The number of do follow and no follow a link.