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MozRank Checker

What is MozRank Checker?

Mozrank is a metric used for measuring the authority of any of the web page(s) or domain(s). mozrank is considered to be one of the most trusted and dependable sources of metric measuring. It is being used by the SEO analysts, web developers, and website owners as one of the references in search engine optimization. Mozrank is standard developed by the company named as Moz, which is one of the leading providers of SEO tools. 

The basis for calculation of mozrank is the link that particular web page maintains with the similar type of web pages on the internet. If the ranking is good than it is also supposed that the pages which are linked to this high ranked webpage will also have good mozrank rank.

One could gain a good Moz ranking for your web page by using the link exchange terminology. You could link your webpage to highly popular or good ranked web pages which in turn will prove beneficial for your ranking. Do not link your web page to any of the link networks as the search engines have techniques that detect the linked pages and check whether the linked page is genuine or not.

Social media platforms can help you in boosting your website's mozrank. You can connect to the popular social networks according to your preference and then post regularly on them with the URL of your webpage being connected to it. Some of the famous social networking platforms are Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

How to use MozRank Checker?

  • Open your browser and in the address bar type
  • From the list of available tools, select MozRank Checker.
  • In the URL text bar, enter the URL/link of your website or you can also paste the URL/Link.
  • Click on the check button and within few seconds you will get the results.