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What is an IP address tool?

Before discussion let us know what is IP address tool? You just need to know about IP address. Every device on the network has a unique number for communication with each other which is called IP address. Devices on the internet can’t communicate with each other without knowing about IP address of each other. This works in the same way like you need a home address for receiving any product from the other party.

For finding IP address or IP location of device these IP address tools are used. These tools are used for getting private IP address or IP address of another system. In case of website hacking these tools are used by webmasters to find the IP address of hacker system apart from that if a website owner and a blogger want to know the visitors IP address for getting traffic information they can get the IP address of visitors system with the help of these IP address tools.

These tools are used for the variety of purpose according to needs:

  • In tech support

  • For remote desktop system

  • In online gaming system

How to use IP address tools?

There are many numbers of online tools that are available for checking IP address of a system. You need to search these tools online on the internet and after searching you can select one of them which have a good ranking on search engines. After clicking on a link there is a page you can see where you can see IP address of your system in the format of numbers and also you can see map information for finding the location for this particular IP address. Apart from that if you want IP address of any website, you just need to enter the domain name in the textbox then click on search button for getting the IP address of this website.