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About Online Ping Website Tool

Online ping website tool

What is online ping website tool?

For checking a host computer is accessible or not the ping test is used and if there is any problem in accessing a host computer it is useful for troubleshooting a problem and for checking the response time of a system for which we are trying for access.

There is a special ping test command in Microsoft Windows to run ping. We can identify host from which we want to connect by entering its domain name and its IP address, to run this ping command we need to go on command prompt and enter: ping or enter ping both command will work properly.

In case if this ping command returns ‘request time out', means the connection from the host computer is not established and second if this ping command returns ‘cannot returns' unknown host. This shows that the particular hostname does not exist on the internet or this is misspelled.

If a website is managed by you, then you just need to check your website is connecting the entire search engines or not by using ping of your website. For visibility of your website on the internet you just need ping website tool. For checking visibility of your website you can't ping each server which provides your website category services. So for checking visibility of your website on search engines you need to ping web servers or search engines by online ping website tool.

How to use it?

For checking visibility of your website on search engines just go on online ping website tool and select any good ranking website tool and after selection when there is a display open them and enter the website URL address. Then there is a ‘category' box by default it is set to others. For selecting the category of your website click on down arrow in the category box then there are a number of categories displayed related to your website category. After selecting your website from the category you are ready to ping your website by clicking on ‘ping now' button.