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Now, Create 'robots.txt' file at your root directory. Copy above text and paste into the text file.

About Robots.txt Generator

Robots.txt Generator a perfect tool for your esteemed website

The robots prohibiting standard can also be termed as robots barring protocol rather be more simple its robots.txt. It is basically the standard used for websites so as to interconnect with web sycophants and also to web robots. The standard stipulates – as to how this can transmit information to web robot about each area of a website that should never be skimmed.

Web Ramblers or Crawlers are techniques that negotiate with Web robotically. Search engines like Google often use them just to index quality content and moreover spammers also use them just to scan -email reports. Countless webmasters apply this file in search engines directory for the content only for websites. Robots.txt is an artless method of fundamentally easing the process for spiders to reappear in most appropriate quest results.

 Positive aspects that would help beginners to use this robots.txt while working on it:

•         Helps in managing high-end pages that are indexed or often ignored by the search engines.

•         Good robots often are ready to pay immense attention to the instructions – it’s simply opposite for the bad ones too.

•         It being a text file prevents spammers from crawling into the websites and attaches the precious details.

•         It helps in the ranking of the SEO experts – this helps to enrich the websites of the clients.

•         Must be at the top level of the directory of the same.

•         It is case sensitive and must be put in exact.

•         Each sub domain would possess separate files as robots.txt

•         This can well be used to call for location too

The sample of the robots.txt:


Disallow: /

Now, this would surely be an alarm for all the web crawlers. There are many examples and experts that are prevalent online so that one can use the generator of Robots.txt. This is because of the fact Robots.txt generator is much preferred these days.