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About URL Encoder / Decoder

URL Encoder / Decoder

What are URL Encoder / Decoder?

There is a method of encryption that is being used for encrypting the query string. The query string is also termed as Uniform Resource Identifier (URI). According to the specification mentioned in the RFC 1738, the URL can contain only characters mentioned in the specification. Rest all the characters cannot be included in it.  One can encode the particular information into a set of encoding characters using online URL encoder. This becomes handy when you wish to convert javascript text from unreadable format to readable format. As the URL can only carry the ASCII codes, therefore, it is necessary to maintain the ASCII format in URL and when required, we can convert the text to our requirement.

Only particular types of characters are being used as an acceptable character set in URI. They are further termed as reserved or unreserved. Reserved characters are referred to as the characters that are containing some special meaning. The unreserved characters do not contain any special meaning. The representation of percent characters is done by using an unrepeated method of character arrangements. 

There lies a difference in the schemes which are related to the management of URIs and URI scheme. There also lays an arbitrary data related to the percent –encoding. Many schemes such as the depiction of arbitrary data, or the IP addresses, or file paths are some of the components of URI. There should be a clear mapping of the character set with all the required data values that will be representing the URI characters. 

How to use URL Encoder / Decoder?

  • Open your browser and in the address bar type
  • From the list of available tools, select URL Rewriting tool.
  • In the string text bar, enter the string you want to get encoded or decoded.
  • Click on the encode/decode button and within few seconds you will get the results.