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About Webpage Screen Resolution Simulator

Web page Screen Resolution Simulator

What is Web page Screen Resolution Simulator?

The web page screen resolution simulator is a tool which allows you to examine how your website will look at different screen resolutions. The difference in resolution comes when the device viewing the website are different. The various kinds of devices which can view a website are desktop PC, laptop, mobile phones, tablets etc. By having a check at the web page screen resolution simulator, you can understand the functionality of different devices. 

While you test your website for the web page screen capture before making it live on the internet and find issues in visibility or in functionality, you have the time to manage all those issues and rectify them. Else, rectifying issues after traffic generation will lead to decrease in the reputation of the website. Also, you can check the website or the web page for the multi-column layout that is now quite commonly used in many devices.

The difference in the visibility at different resolution occurs due to the pixel size of every device is different, which, therefore, displays content according to that pixel size.

How to use Web page screen resolution simulator?

  • Open your browser and in the address bar type bizbote.com.
  • From the list of available tools, select Web page screen resolution simulator.
  • In the text bar, enter the web link proceeding with HTTP://. One link can only be entered at a time.
  • Select the resolution type based on the preferred device you wish to check screen resolution of your website.
  • Click on the check button and the screen resolution for the selected resolution gets displayed.
  • Once the selected resolution is displayed you can check the complete functionality and the visibility of all the components of the website using our web tool.