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About Website Reviewer

What is Website SEO analyzer or Website Reviewer?

Website SEO analyzer, also known as Website reviewer, is a tool used to do the analysis of a particular website so as to understand the scope of the areas to be worked upon for search engine optimization of the website. This means by using this tool you can know that on which prospects are the website lagging behind and on the analysis done, the website could be further worked upon for search engine optimization accordingly. 

It can also be understood that one can use the website SEO analyzer for knowing the rank of your website based on the parameters set by the search engines. These analyzers check through all the aspects that are important for website ranking such as Meta tags, Meta description, etc. and based on the checkpoints a report is generated which lets you understand the reason for the ranking of the website.

Website analyzer online tools break the website into many structural forms and then access its quality of content; its accessibility rate based on some the parameters such as: -

  • Checking the length and relativity of the title tag.
  • Checking the headers returning from the HTTP server.
  • Checking the keywords and its relation to the Meta tag(s).
  • Checking the length of the description mentioned in the Meta tag(s).
  • Checking the rank given by the search engines.
  • Are search engine getting redirected to this page or not.
  • Checking the heading and use of phrases in the content. Checking the internal and external backlinks status. 

How to use Website SEO analyzer?

  • Open your browser and in the address bar type
  • From the list of available tools, select Website SEO analyzer.
  • In the domain space, enter the link of your website proceeding with HTTP:// or you can also paste the URL.
  • Within few seconds the report for the URL entered shall be displayed.