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About Word Counter

Word counter

What is word counter?

In the world, a salesmen is paid by sales, a fishermen is paid by sales of fish, same way a writer is paid by number of words written. So, the Word counter is a special tool for counting words, characters of any text documents, excels document, Word document, PDF document, Powerpoint documents and many other file formats.

 Word counter is a special metric for any writing field and any writer, for example when we write an article, blog, or any other writing document(s), firstly we need to know about the number of words that will be required for writing the particular article, for the particular blog and for any report file. It is very useful tool for checking typing speed of a person, from this we can find our capacity of writing which means how many numbers of words we can write per minute.

It is very challenging to count the number of words in the absence of computer system, for reducing this complexity we used word counter for counting words of any documents.

How to use word counter?

There are many numbers of online word processing tools which are available and these tools are basically web-based application. For checking the counting number of words in our document we just need to place cursor into the text box in web application and start typing apart from that, we can paste our text documents, excels document, Word document, PDF document, Powerpoint documents files into the online editor and click on button for counting number of words in our file.

In online word counter, there is an auto-save feature available for saving our content text and we can ensure that we will not lose our content from any changes in our content and in case if we leave this site our content will remain same.